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Vol. 8, Issue 1, Part F (2024)

Endophytes and their therapeutic application

Author(s): Pradnya C Diwthe, Dr. Alka Sawarkar, Dr. Swati Umap and Dr. AP Somkuwar
Abstract: The human population is increasing at an alarming rate, and a variety of health issues are popping up, such as the increase in the number of drug-resistant microorganisms and side effects of drugs. The natural therapeutic compounds produced by endophytic microbes have several potential applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Endophytes are "all organisms inhabiting plant organs that can colonise within plant tissues without causing apparent harm to their host." These symbiotic microorganisms live inside the different tissue parts of the plant, like nodules, roots, bark, leaves, and stems. Endophytes can be categorised as obligate and facultative. Facultative endophytes can survive in the soil, on the plant surface, inside the plants, and on artificial nutrients, and endophytes that inhabit inside plant tissues throughout their lifespan are called obligate endophytes. Endophytic microorganisms have a unique property to synthesise bioactive compounds hurting plant and human pathogens. These bioactive compounds are terpenoids, steroids, xanthones, phenols, perylene derivatives, quinines, furan diones, and terpenoids. Endophytes have discovered many bioactive compounds with insecticidal, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties in the last few years. Bioactive compounds produced by endophytes alone or in conjunction with host plants are eco-friendly and harmless for plants, animals, and humans. These are poorly investigated microorganisms; therefore, focus studies and trials are needed for specific applications of endophytes in antimicrobial resistance and drug discovery.
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International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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Pradnya C Diwthe, Dr. Alka Sawarkar, Dr. Swati Umap, Dr. AP Somkuwar. Endophytes and their therapeutic application. Int J Adv Biochem Res 2024;8(1):399-410. DOI: 10.33545/26174693.2024.v8.i1f.434
International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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