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Vol. 8, Special Issue 4, Part C (2024)

Soil-health: Concepts, implications and management

Author(s): Ankana Moulik, Anusmita Bhowmik and Parijat Bhattacharya
Abstract: Soil is a crucial component of the natural world. Soil health is the capacity of the soil to function as a dynamic living system to support biological production, maintain environmental quality, and promote plant, animal, and human health. By all circumstances, soil health should be given priority because it is a crucial and dynamic living resource that may provide ecosystem services without endangering the environment. Assessments and indicators can be used to pinpoint specific problems and factors in addition to identifying general features of soil health. When considering management choices to increase soil health, there are a few broad methods to bear in mind. These include controlling organic matter, reducing disturbances, enhancing the soil biota, keeping living plants, and preserving as much soil cover as feasible. Because it maintains the soil's structure, improves water absorption, raises yields of wholesome crops, helps prevent plant diseases and pests, and increases carbon sequestration, soil health has a significant impact on agricultural productivity and quality. Soil health also shares vital connections with biogeochemical cycles like carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and phosphorus cycles etc. In order to have broader effects, this review places a heavy emphasis on measuring and quantifying agricultural practices' contributions to enhance soil health. Thus, for ensuring sustainable agricultural output and the maintenance of biodiversity, soil health management is essential.
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International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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Ankana Moulik, Anusmita Bhowmik, Parijat Bhattacharya. Soil-health: Concepts, implications and management. Int J Adv Biochem Res 2024;8(4S):204-211. DOI: 10.33545/26174693.2024.v8.i4Sc.965
International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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