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Vol. 8, Special Issue 4, Part B (2024)

Biocontrol potential of Trichoderma and Pseudomonas: A review

Author(s): Bratati Mahapatra, Dipendu Ghosh and Ria Mukhopadhyay
Abstract: Trichoderma and Pseudomonas are both well-known biocontrol agents used in agriculture to combat various plant diseases. These beneficial microorganisms employ distinct mechanisms to suppress pathogens and promote plant health. Trichoderma spp. are fungi that establish symbiotic relationships with plant roots. Trichoderma species are renowned for their antagonistic properties against various soil-borne pathogens. They compete for resources, produce antifungal metabolites, and stimulate the plant's defense mechanisms. Trichoderma also forms mycoparasitic interactions, directly attacking and degrading pathogenic fungi.
Pseudomonas spp., particularly Pseudomonas fluorescens and Pseudomonas putida, are bacteria with potent biocontrol capabilities. They produce antibiotics and secondary metabolites that suppress pathogen growth. Pseudomonas also colonize plant roots and form a protective barrier against pathogenic invasion. These bacteria can solubilize phosphates and fix atmospheric nitrogen, providing essential nutrients to plants. Pseudomonas strains stimulate plant defense responses, activating systemic acquired resistance.
In sustainable agriculture, the use of Trichoderma and Pseudomonas as biocontrol agents offers an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides. When applied as inoculants or through seed treatments, Trichoderma and Pseudomonas establish a beneficial presence in the rhizosphere, creating an environment unfavorable for pathogenic organisms. Their multifaceted approaches to disease management contribute to improved crop yields, reduced chemical input, and enhanced soil health, paving the way for more resilient and ecologically balanced farming systems.
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International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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Bratati Mahapatra, Dipendu Ghosh, Ria Mukhopadhyay. Biocontrol potential of Trichoderma and Pseudomonas: A review. Int J Adv Biochem Res 2024;8(4S):129-132. DOI: 10.33545/26174693.2024.v8.i4Sb.933
International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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