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Vol. 7, Special Issue 2, Part H (2023)

Nano urea: A review paper

Author(s): NK Suthar, CK Desai and JS Desai
Abstract: Among mineral nutrients, nitrogen is the first and foremost nutrient required for plants as it is a vital role in structural constituent of many proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll, Rubisco, nucleic acids and some hormones as well as plays a significant role during the vegetative growth of crops thus N fertilization is an essential agronomic management practices to enhance the crop productivity. Nano urea is a unique source of nitrogen containing 4 per cent nitrogen in only 500 ml of bottle having particle size 30-50 nm. It has emerged as a novel fertilizer for targeted and precise application of nitrogen. Nano urea is a source of nitrogen (containing 4% N), a major essential nutrient required for better growth and development of crops. IFFCO nano urea liquid which having shelf life around 2 years, based on nanotechnology, effectively fulfils crop nitrogen requirement when sprayed at critical crop growth stages.
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International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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NK Suthar, CK Desai, JS Desai. Nano urea: A review paper. Int J Adv Biochem Res 2023;7(2S):577-580. DOI: 10.33545/26174693.2023.v7.i2Sh.271
International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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