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Vol. 7, Special Issue 2, Part G (2023)

A review on response of organic and inorganic manures on cucurbits

Author(s): Bindiya Yekula, Omesh Thakur and Padmakshi Thakur
Abstract: Cucurbitaceae is a huge vegetable family that includes cucumber, gourd, melons, and gourds. This family of vegetables is considered beneficial for fitness as well as reasonably priced for vegetable production as it is extraordinarily demanded through purchasers. Those plants respond properly to fertilizers and natural fertilizers. Moreover, these crops respond substantially to the application of vitamins from numerous sources. Applying natural manure in mixture with biofertilizer and inorganic fertilizer to the soil is considered a valid control approach in any agricultural production gadget because it improves plant nice and soil health in the long term. The aim of this take a look at is to evaluate the impact of the software of organic, inorganic and biofertilizers in cucurbits on sustainable boom, productiveness and economy. Incorporated plant nutrient management is one of the modern day methods of supplying vitamins to plant life thru natural and inorganic way together to meet nutrient necessities. At the same time, the primary aim of included plant nutrient management is to minimize the usage of chemical fertilizers with out sacrificing yield. The study confirms that natural slurry in aggregate with inorganic fertilizer appreciably will increase the boom, yield and first-class parameters of cucurbits with a bigger B:C ratio.
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International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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Bindiya Yekula, Omesh Thakur, Padmakshi Thakur. A review on response of organic and inorganic manures on cucurbits. Int J Adv Biochem Res 2023;7(2S):510-516. DOI: 10.33545/26174693.2023.v7.i2Sg.772
International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research
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