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Vol. 7, Special Issue 1, Part A (2023)

Linseed (Linnum usitatissimum L.): An oilseed crop with used in different ways

Author(s): Dr. Ram Sanehi
Abstract: A field investigation was conducted at Agronomy research farm A. S. (P.G) College, Lakhaoti, Bulandshahr during rabi seasons of 2006 and 2007. The treatments consisted of combination of four cropping systems viz. chickpea sole (M1), linseed sole (M2), chickpea+ linseed 2:1 ratio (M3) and pigeonpea + linseed 4:2 ratio (M4) in main plots; two irrigations viz. two irrigations at vegetative stages (30-40 days) and flowering stage (70-75 days) (S1) and one irrigation at flowering stage (70-75 days) (S2) in sub plots and three levels of phosphorous viz. control (L1), 30 kg P2O5/ha (L2) and 60 kg P2O5/ha (L3) in sub-sub plots in split plots design replicated thrice during the rabi season. The linseed variety neelam were used in the cropping systems during rabi season. The soil of the experimental site was low in organic carbon (0.47 and 0.48 kg/ha) and total nitrogen (154.0 and 155.1 kg/ha). It was low in available phosphorus (9.2 and 9.24 kg/ha) and medium in available potassium (203.0 and 203.6 kg/ha) and sandy loam in texture having alkaline reaction (pH 7.5). The weather during the both years of the experiment was by and large normal and devoid of any extreme conditions. The net return was found to be maximum under chickpea: linseed in 4:2 row ratio with two irrigations and 60 kg P2O5/ha. (Rs. 21,632 and Rs. 22,128) followed by sole chickpea with two irrigation and 60 kg P2O5/ha. Due to relatively higher gross return. The maximum B:C ratio of 1.87 and 1.91 was obtained from chickpea: linseed in 4:2 with one irrigation at flowering and 60 kg P2O5/ha, because of reduced cost of on irrigation and higher gross return of the system.
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Dr. Ram Sanehi. Linseed (Linnum usitatissimum L.): An oilseed crop with used in different ways. Int J Adv Biochem Res 2023;7(1S):25-27. DOI: 10.33545/26174693.2023.v7.i1Sa.174
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