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Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part A (2017)

Protoplast fusion technology and its application in genetic improvement of plants: A review

Author(s): Ugochukwu Okechukwu Ozojiofor
Protoplasts are plant, fungi or bacteria cells devoid of cell wall either enzymatically, chemically or mechanically. It contains the plasma membrane and the entire content of the cytoplasm excluding the cell wall. Protoplast fusion technology involves the fusion of two isolated protoplast that are genetically different from the somatic cells and fused with the aid of some fusing agent to form a hybrid protoplasts.
Protoplast technology is a promising technique that has been exploited by breeders to increase germplasm accessibility and also bring about improvement in different crop varieties. This article, aims at reviewing some biotechnology application of protoplast fusion technology for genetic improvement of plants, such as production of useful phyto-metabolites, introduction and establishment of disease resistance plants, nitrogen-fixing symbioses, production of herbicide resistant plants, insect pest control and plant-parasitic nematode control for the benefit of mankind. The use of protoplast fusion will go a long way to remove the fear of genetically modified crops (foods) in the mind of the common man and increase food production thereby overcoming the challenges of an ever-increasing world population and climatic change. Protoplast fusion is a useful technology in plant biotechnology not just for food production alone but for other products that are useful to humans.
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Ugochukwu Okechukwu Ozojiofor. Protoplast fusion technology and its application in genetic improvement of plants: A review. Int J Adv Biochem Res 2017;1(2):45-52. DOI: 10.33545/26174693.2017.v1.i2a.116
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